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Model 100, 110, S-110 & S-113 


For OEM or laboratory applications, where an affordable flow sensor needs to be installed, the Model 100 is an excellent choice.  Its time-proven turbine design will keep measuring accurately for years with little or no maintenance.  It features a    0-5VDC output standard.  A power adapter or cable assembly (below) is required for operation.

The Model 110 Flo-Meters are great for laboratory benchtop gas applications.  An integrated 3 digit flow rate display informs the user of actual flow, and the 0-5VDC output can be interfaced to a data acquisition system.  A power adapter (USA unless specified) is included for plug-and-go operation.

The Model S-110 and S-113 Flo-Meters have a wide variety of uses. They too incorporate an LCD, 3 digit display of flow rate, but can be less expensive than the Model 110. The S-110 has a plastic body with acetal fittings, and the S-113 is constructed from brass & includes brass fittings. A power adapter or cable assembly (below) is required.

Wetted Parts

Wetted Parts: Ryton , acetal, sapphire, glass, epoxy, Viton , acetal, sapphire, glass, epoxy, Viton O-rings standard.
EPDM O-rings available at an added cost.
The Model S-113 also contains brass.

Dimensions, (excluding fittings):     
Model 100:  2.35"x1.65"x1.50"  
Model S-110, S-113:  1.88"x3.00"x1.75" 
Model 110:  5.00"x4.50"x5.00"           


Call for dimensions on units over 5 L/minute.

100 110 S-110 S-113 Flow Range Max. Pressure Drop Standard Fittings
100-3 110-3 S-110-3 S-113-3 20-100 mL/minute 20" water 1/8" tube
100-4 110-4 S-110-4 S-113-4 40-200 mL/minute 8" water 1/8" tube
100-5 110-5 S-110-5 S-113-5 100-500 mL/minute 2" water 1/8" tube
100-6 110-6 S-110-6 S-113-6 200-1000 mL/minute  2" water 1/8" tube
100-7 110-7 S-110-7 S-113-7 0.4-2.0 L/minute 2" water 1/4" tube
100-8 110-8 S-110-8 S-113-8 1.0-5.0 L/minute 2" water 1/4" tube
100-9 110-9 S-110-9 S-113-9 2.0-10.0 L/minute 3" water 1/4" tube
100-10 110-10 S-110-10 ... 4.0-20.0 L/minute 3" water 3/8" tube
100-11 110-11 S-110-11 ... 10-50 L/minute 3" water  3/8" tube
100-12 110-12 S-110-12 ... 20-100 L/minute 3" water 1/2" tube
100-13 110-13 S-110-13 ... 40-200 L/minute  5" water 1/2" tube
100-14 110-14 S-110-14 ... 100-500 L/minute 20" water 1/2" tube

See detailed specifications

NIST Calibration Certificate is optional at an added cost.

All units calibrated for air unless specified; certain unusual gases or blends may incur added costs.  Call for details.

Units also available calibrated to English (SCFH) units; call for details.

Options and Accessories

100-17 Cable Assembly - 3 foot long cable terminated with pigtail leads.   Includes all cables for input/output.

S-PS-08 - 115VAC (USA) power adapter and output leads.  Order S-PS-18 for 230VAC (European) applications.

Displays (for Model 100) -  The Model 210R and 250 are compatible.

Technical Notes and Manuals

Check back regularly for updated information. 

Ryton - Reg TM Phillips 66 Petroleum Co.
Viton - Reg TM E.I. Dupont de Nemours Co.