Model 101 & 102 Liquid Flo-Sensors             


For liquid flow measurement, the Model 101 & 102 Flo-Sensors have been setting the pace.  Their advanced Pelton-turbine design provides large turn-down ratios, fast response, and repeatable accuracy.  Combined with an affordable price, you cannot beat their value.  A 0-5VDC analog output is standard.

The Model 101 is constructed from plastic, and comes standard with acetal compression fittings. It is well-suited for accurate measurement of water, mild acids, or other slightly corrosive fluids. With a pressure rating of 100 psi maximum, it can be used with most applications.

The Model 102 is made from brass, and includes brass compression fittings. It is well-suited for fuels, light oils (less than 10 cS), or any other application that may require high pressures (500 psi rating).

Wetted Parts

Either a cable assembly or power adapter is required for operation (see below).

Wetted Parts: Ryton, acetal, sapphire, glass, epoxy, Viton O-rings standard. 
EPDM O-rings are available at an added cost - use suffix "Q".
The 102 also contains brass.


Dimensions (not including fittings): 

Model Numbers Flow Range Max. Pressure Drop Standard Fittings
101-3, 102-3 13-100 mL/minute 10 psi 1/8" tube
101-4, 102-4 20-200 mL/minute 10 psi 1/4" tube
101-5, 102-5 50-500 mL/minute 10 psi 1/4" tube
101-6, 102-6 100-1000 mL/minute 6 psi 1/4" tube
101-7, 102-7 0.2-2.0 L/minute 10 psi 1/4" tube
101-8, 102-8 0.4-5.0 L/minute 10 psi 3/8" tube
101-9, 102-9 1.0-10.0 L/minute 10 psi 3/8" tube
101-5G, 102-5G 1-10 GPH 12 psi 1/4" tube
101-8G, 102-8G 10-100 GPH 12 psi 3/8" tube


See detailed specifications

For increased accuracy and a NIST Calibration Certificate, order precision models with the "P" suffix (ex., S-111-8GP)

Options and Accessories

100-17 Cable Assembly - 30 inch, 3-wire cable with pigtail leads.   Connections for 12VDC power and signal.

S-PS-08 Power Adapter - 115 VAC(USA) power adapter.  Plugs into standard wall outlet, with signal output leads.

S-PS-18 Power Adapter - 230 VAC(Eur) power adapter.  Plugs into standard wall outlet, with signal output leads.

Displays -  The 210R & 250 displays are compatible.

Technical Notes and Manuals

Check back regularly for updated information. 

Ryton - Reg TM Phillips 66 Petroleum Co.
Viton - Reg TM E.I. Dupont de Nemours Co.