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Model 106 PTFE Flo-Sensor          


The Model 106 Flo-Sensor provides accurate flow measurement of even the most corrosive chemicals. The advanced turbine design provides almost instantaneous response , and if the turbine is not spinning, you don’t receive an output -- no zero drift! The combination of Teflon® PTFE brand resin, Kal-Rez®, and sapphire provide wetted surfaces compatible with almost any low viscosity fluid - from solvents to hydrofluoric acid. Many output configurations are available. Standard units come with a 6-foot cable, terminated in pigtail leads. Order a 106 today and see the benefits of precision monitoring of your flow rates today!

Wetted Parts

Wetted Parts:  Teflon® PTFE brand resin, Kal-Rez®, and sapphire.


Model Number Flow Range  Max. Pressure Drop Standard Fittings Dimensions, no fittings
106-3 15-100 mL/minute 12 psi 1/8" tube 2.16"x1.87"x2.3"
106-4 20-200 mL/minute 10 psi 1/4" tube 2.16"x1.87"x2.3"
106-5 50-500 mL/minute 10 psi 1/4" tube 2.16"x1.87"x2.3"
106-6 100-1000 mL/minute 6 psi  1/4" tube 2.16"x1.87"x2.3"
106-7 200-2000 mL/minute 10 psi 1/4" tube 2.16"x1.87"x2.3"
106-8 400-5000 mL/minute 10 psi 3/8" tube 2.16"x1.87"x2.3"
106-9 1.0-10.0 L/minute 10 psi 3/8" tube 2.16"x1.87"x2.3"
106-5G 1.0-10.0 GPH 12 psi 1/4" tube 2.16"x1.87"x2.3"
106-8G 10-100 GPH 12 psi 3/8" tube 2.16"x1.87"x2.3"

All units calibrated with deionized water.

See detailed specifications

Options and Accessories

Output Options- All 106 Flo-Sensors come standard with an integrated 6-foot long, 4 conductor, PVC-jacketed cable. This cable provides both power and signal connections. Seven power and signal configurations are available:


Configuration Suffix Power Requirement Output
A 12-15 VDC, 55 mA Pulse (Passive BOSFET)
B 22-25 VDC, 55 mA Non-isolated 0-5 VDC
C 15-25 VDC, 75 mA Non-isolated 4-20 mA
D 22-25 VDC, 55 mA Non-isolated 0-5 VDC
E 22-25 VDC, 50 mA Pulse (Passive BOSFET)
J 22-25 VDC, 55 mA Non-isolated 0-10 VDC
K 12-15 VDC, 55 mA Non-isolated 0-10 VDC

Select your output when ordering by adding the appropriate configuration suffix(i.e., 106-3B, or 106-30C).
Output must be selected when ordering; outputs are not field selectable.

MSB Devices - The MSB devices allow the Model 106 to provide other outputs, in addition to its standard BOSFET pulse output.  Order one MSB per Model 106, and MSB devices must be ordered with 106. All MSB units allow Model 106 to be powered with 24VDC. Use MSB units with 106 suffix A.

                MSB-1: Order to power 106 with 24VDC; standard opto-isolated BOSFET pulse output

                MSB-2: Linearized 0-5VDC output

                MSB-3: Linearized 4-20 mA output, non-isolated

                MSB-4: Standard BOSFET pulse, with 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 pulse divider

                MSB-5: Linearized 4-20 mA output, isolated

Displays - The following displays are compatible (use with suffix A):

                 Model 220: Rate & Total flow, programmable.  No MSB required.

                Model 251:  Multi-Function; batch, programmable, alarms, etc. No MSB required.

TX Option - Order this option to receive your 106 with all exterior metal surfaces PTFE coated.  This prevents corrosion due to spillage or environment conditions.

MT Mounting Plate - This allows easier mounting of the Model 106 from the top.

Flare Fittings - Tube fittings are standard. Add suffix F4 for 1/4” flare fitting option; add F6 for 3/8” flare fitting option.

Kal-Rez - Reg TM E.I. Dupont de Nemours Co.
® is a registered trademark of DuPont. Only DuPont makes Teflon®.

All specifications subject to change without notice.