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Model 400/470 Flo-Controller Package  


The Model 400 is a liquid flow controller designed for water and other non-corrosive fluids. It incorporates a stepper motor-actuated needle valve, a precision liquid Flo-Sensor, and electronics that compare the output of the Flo-Sensor to the setpoint and move the needle accordingly. The Model 470 control unit is a user interface for the Model 400. It provides a digital display, adjustable setpoint potentiometer, and power supply for the Flo-Controller. Using optional cables (below), the user may also remotely send and receive 0-5VDC signals to the Model 400 through the Model 470. A set of switches on the Model 470 allow the user to select display settings and whether to use the internal or external setpoint.  Valve unit, control unit, and power adapter are included with package. For OEM applications, the Model 400 is available by itself.  Call for details.

Wetted Parts

Wetted Parts: Ryton, Teflon, acetal, stainless steel, sapphire, glass, epoxy, 
Viton O-rings standard. 
EPDM O-rings available at an added cost.


Model Number Flow Range Desired Differential Pressure Standard Fittings Model 400, No Fittings
400/470-3 15-100 mL/minute 15-35 psi 1/8" tube 7.00"x2.50"x2.00
400/470-4 20-200 mL/minute 10-30 psi 1/4" tube 7.00"x2.50"x2.00
400/470-5 50-500 mL/minute 12-30 psi 1/4" tube 7.00"x2.50"x2.00
400/470-6 100-1000 mL/minute 12-30 psi 1/4" tube 7.00"x2.50"x2.00
400/470-7 0.2-2.0 L/minute 12-30 psi 1/4" tube 7.00"x2.50"x2.00

See detailed specifications


115 VAC (USA) power adapter standard.   For 230 VAC (European) applications, add "E" suffix (ex: 400/470-4E).

Options and Accessories

50-C-S Cable Assembly - 50-C-S Cable Assembly - Connects to jacks on Model 470 for external 0-5VDC setpoint and 0-5VDC flow out.  One 50-C-S is required for setpoint input, and an additional 50-C-S is required for flow output.

400-00-56 Cable Extension - 6 foot cable for extending distance between Model 400 and Model 470 control unit.

Technical Notes and Manuals

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Ryton - Reg TM Phillips 66 Petroleum Co.
Viton - Reg TM E.I. Dupont de Nemours Co.

Teflon - Reg TM Phillips 66 Petroleum Co