UpModel 401 PTFE Flo-Controller          


The Model 401 sets the standard in flow automation. Imagine a unit, deep in your system, that will control flow rates remotely. No adjusting manual needle valves every few hours. No waste of expensive chemicals. Your interface (maybe hundreds of feet away) can provide the Model 401 with a proportional 4-20 mA signal, and the 401 will do the rest. If your pressure fluctuates, the Model 401 automatically opens and closes its internal valve to maintain a constant flow rate. Only Teflon® PTFE brand resin, Kal-Rez®, and sapphire wetted parts - compatible with solvents, acids like hydrofluoric, or alkalines. Imagine blending chemicals with incredible precision, never wasting a drop. Imagine never again having to make small, abstract adjustments to your valves. Imagine a system so easy to integrate that you’ll never look back. The Model 401 Flo-Controller...because smart companies need smart tools.

The Model 401 has two components - the valve unit and the control unit. The valve unit is sealed and all flow connections are made to it. The control unit connects to the valve unit via the standard 10 foot cable. This control unit has a terminal strip where all electrical connections are made. A DIN rail clip is provided for easy mounting of the control unit. An integrated digital display and status LED’s inform the user of flow rate, setpoint, error conditions, etc.

Wetted Parts

Wetted Parts:Teflon® PTFE brand resin, Kal-Rez®, and sapphire.


Model Number Flow Range Typical Diff.  Pressure Range Standard Fittings Valve Unit Dimensions
401-A100 15-100 mL/minute 12-30 psi 1/4" male flare 4.8"x8.3"x3.3"
401-A500 50-500 mL/minute 12-30 psi 3/8" male flare 4.8"x8.3"x3.3"
401-A1000 100-1000 mL/minute 12-30 psi 3/8" male flare 4.8"x8.3"x3.3"
401-A2000 0.2-2.0 L/minute 12-30 psi  3/8" male flare 4.8"x8.3"x3.3"
401-A5000 0.4-5.0 L/minute 12-35 psi 1/2" male flare 4.8"x8.3"x3.3"
401-A8000 0.6-8.0 L/minute 12-35 psi 1/2" male flare 4.8"x8.3"x3.3"
401-A10000 1.0-10.0 L/minute 12-35 psi 1/2" male flare 4.8"x8.3"x3.3"


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Options and Accessories

Available Signal Configurations for the Model 401- Three signal configurations are available:

Configuration Suffix Power Requirement Input/Output Signal Type
None 24 VDC, 1.0 A 4-20 mA
401-Axxxx-5 24 VDC, 1.0 A 1-5 VDC
401-Axxxx-10 24 VDC, 1.0 A 0-10 VDC

Example: To order a Model 401 for 200-2000 mL/minute with 0-10 VDC inputs and outputs, order a 401-A2000-10.
To order a Model 401 for 15-100 mL/minute with 4-20 mA inputs and outputs, order a 401-A100.

Custom Cable Lengths - Standard valve units come with 10 feet of cable; order custom lengths (up to 25 feet) to suit  your needs         

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