Model I-106 Intrinsically Safe System         


The I-106 System enables you to continuously measure flow rates in potentially explosive atmospheres. The system is CSA certified and FM approved for Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D hazardous environments. PTFE construction, combined with sapphire and Kal-Rez®, allow for use with even the most corrosive or aggressive fluids.

For more information on the sensing technology or flow sensor specifications, see information on the standard Model 106 or Model 106F.

I-106F models feature integrated male flare fittings; I-106 models come standard with PFA compression tube fittings. Standard package features pulse output and requires 12 VDC power; use MSB devices to convert pulse output to analog outputs (see MSB devices below).

Wetted Parts

Wetted Parts:  Teflon® PTFE brand resin, Kal-Rez®, and sapphire.


I-106 I-106F Flow Range  Max. Pressure Drop
I-106-3 I-106F-3 15-100 mL/minute 12 psi
I-106-4 I-106F-4 20-200 mL/minute 10 psi
I-106-5 I-106F-5 50-500 mL/minute 10 psi
I-106-6 I-106F-6 100-1000 mL/minute 6 psi 
I-106-7 I-106F-7 200-2000 mL/minute 10 psi
I-106-8 I-106F-8 400-5000 mL/minute 10 psi
I-106-9 I-106F-9 1.0-10.0 L/minute
10 psi
... I-106F-20 3.0-20.0 L/minute
3 psi
... I-106F-30 4.0-30.0L/minute 4 psi
... I-106F-50 7.0-50.0L/minute 10 psi

Options and Accessories

MSB Devices - The MSB devices allow the Model I-106 to provide other outputs, in addition to its standard BOSFET pulse output.  Order one MSB per I-106 system, and MSB devices must be ordered with I-106 system.

                MSB-2: Linearized 0-5VDC output

                MSB-3: Linearized 4-20 mA output, non-isolated

                MSB-5: Linearized 4-20 mA output, isolated

Displays - The following displays are compatible:

                 Model 220: Rate & Total flow, programmable.  No MSB required.

                Model 251:  Multi-Function; batch, programmable, alarms, etc. No MSB required.

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