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        Liquid Products:

Send me information on all liquid products.
Model 101 Flo-Sensor (RytonŽ)
Model 102 Flo-Sensor (Brass)
Model 101T/102T Flo-Sensor
Model 105 Flo-Sensor (TeflonŽ)
Model 106 Industrial Flo-Sensor (TeflonŽ)
Model S-111 Flo-Meter (RytonŽ)
Model S-112 Flo-Meter (Brass)
Model G-101/G-102 GOLD Series Flo-Sensors
Model G-111/G-112 GOLD Series Flo-Meters
Model 400 Flo-Controller
Model 401 All-TeflonŽ Flo-Controller

        Gas Products:                    

        Send me information on all gas products.
Model 50 Mass Flo-Sensor
Model 50D Mass Flo-Meter
Model 80 Mass Flo-Controller
Model 80D Mass Flo-Controller
Model 100 Turbine Flo-Sensor
Model S-110/S-13 Turbine Flo-Meter


Flow Range and other application notes: