NEW PRODUCT LINE: McMillan introduces their new UHP (ultra-high-purity) product line for semiconductor and other microelectronic applications.

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: McMillan introduced a new micro-flow sensor for flow rates as low as 0.05 mL/minute at Pittcon in March. Click here  for more information about this product.out this product.

Model I-106 System
: All-new, PTFE liquid flow sensor system with FM/CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups C/D approval. Design based on the popular Model 106 design. Now you can make critical flow measurements in a hazardous environment.

Model 106F
: All-new, PTFE liquid flow sensor with machined-in flare fittings. Design based on the popular Model 106 design. Choice of three outputs: pulse, voltage, or current. Features McMillan's particle-free turbine design for reliable, repeatable operation with no zero drift. For flow rates up to 50 L/minute.

Model 250/251
: Multi-function display for automating your flow systems. Built-in software allows linearization of input signals, and optional plug-in cards allow setpoint alarms and conversion of analog output signals. Display toggles between current flow rate and total flow. User-programmable.

Press Releases and Technical Articles

TURBINE FLOW SENSORS…THE BEST CHOICE FOR LIQUID FLOW MEASUREMENT. McMillan releases a new technical article explaining the benefits of turbine-based flow sensors for liquid applications. Download a PDF file.

COMPUTERIZED REGULATION OF CORROSIVE LIQUID FLOW RATES. Measurement & Control magazine publishes a technical article authored by R.D. McMillan (CEO, McMillan Company) explaining the design and benefits of the Model 401 PTFE Flo-Controller. Download a PDF file.

USING LIQUID FLOW CONTROLLERS TO ENHANCE CMP PERFORMANCE. Micro Magazine publishes a technical article authored by Phillip McMillan (VP Industrial Sales, McMillan Company) and Clay Brandenburg (CMP Equipment Engineer, AMD) outlining how AMD has used McMillan products to improve their CMP process results. Download a PDF file.

12/1/2002: MCMILLAN RELEASES STANDARD PRODUCT CATALOG, THIRD EDITION...McMillan Company is proud to announce the release of its third full-color, 24-page catalog featuring our Standard Product Line. This catalog may be downloaded as a PDF (click here - 4.34 MB) and
2003 Price List Click here.