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Model U801 UHP Liquid Flo-Controller

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The Model U801 Ultra-High-Purity (UHP) Flo-Controller will precisely measure and control flow rates of virtually any fluid as low as 15 mL/minute or as high as 10 LPM. Repeatable results are achieved by utilizing a patented microturbine flow sensor design. The system includes both a valve module (shown above) where fluid connections are made and a control module (below) where electrical connections are made.

The Model U801 UHP Flo-Controller integrates a proportional double-diaphragm valve to accurately control flow rate. McMillan design insures long life expectancy under normal operating conditions - millions of cycles with no valve degradation.

±1.0% full-scale accuracy (including linearity & hysteresis) provides the critical control required for modern microelectronic applications. Unparalleled repeatability reassures process engineers that results will be consistent. An optional temperature rating of 0-90°C allows use in most UHP applications.

Wetted Parts

Wetted Parts:  PTFE, Kal-Rez®, and sapphire.

Ordering Information

For detailed ordering information, please download the U801 Sales Brochure (PDF, 900KB).

Technical Notes and Manuals

View the Purity Analysis for the U801
View the Zero Particle Generation information for the U801
View the Principle of Operation for the U801
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